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Shoreline Gin

Shoreline Gin

€45.00 EUR

Shoreline gin: a unique Premium Gin with no less than 46% alcohol.
Are you ready for an unprecedented taste sensation with exciting flavors of different botanicals, like seaweed, marram grass & a pinch of salt? It will take a bit of guts and you really need to have a bit of adventurous taste but all this subtle ingredients result in an unexpected Shoreline gin experience. Taste the sea, the wind and of course gin, but, with much more to explore!

Shoreline gin with its taste of the sea : great for throwing a gin soaked discovery!
Variety in garnish can absolutely make the flavors in your Shoreline Gin start to shine. It’s not just a pretty face; it adds more depth to the robust flavor of the gin. The trick is to match the perfect garnish with this gin. Think of the sea, a salty taste and a glistening shoreline and add for example fresh lime, a slice of grapefruit, a few juniper berries or a bit of seaweed. And don’t forget, for any cocktail, ice is essential. 


This new wicked Belgian premium gin called @shorelinegin, with or without @fevertreemixers, is pure bliss.

The story #BeGin with an aromatic taste of the sea

Seaweed salt

There must be more to explore, right?